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Baby Disney Princess Inspired Clothing

Posted on by Kids Petite

When we were just a little girl, we all wish to be a princess and even dressed like one. Wouldn’t it be great if we can dress our baby girls like princesses too? But unfortunately most princess dresses are always too expensive, too big for babies or sometimes the colors and design are wrong!

We have created a modern day baby Disney Princess inspired clothing that you can find at Kids Petite for your baby girl! It is affordable, totally stylish and very versatile! You can always mix and match them to suit their favorite Disney Princesses!


This dainty blue dress is a perfect modern day Cinderella! Pair with our shiny silver slip on shoes because we all know glass slippers isn't ideal at all. 

Baby Blue Ruffle Collar Sleeveless Sun Dress
Shoe: The Glitter Wizard Strap On Shoes


Belle is known for her intelligence and love for books which makes her a real star. Dress your baby girl up with this fun and bright yellow dress and pair it with this irresistible golden slip on flats. 

Dress: Twinkle Stars Tulle Short Sleeve Dress
Crystal Bling Bling Strap On Shoes


The classic turquoise color is definitely Jasmine's color. Princess Jasmine is known for her courage, bravery and adventurous personality. Dress your baby girl up with this fun swing dress that will surely brighten up her day! Pair it with a matching slip on shoes and she's good to go.

Dress: Flowy And Breezy Elegant Sheer Dress
Big Bow Fringe Slip On Shoes


This is the perfect dress for any baby girl who loves and wants to be a mermaid!
We decided to pair this perfect mermaid dress with a red shoe to match with Ariel's bright red hair.

Dress: Under The Sea Mermaid Tulle Dress
Asma Bow Strap On Glitter Shoes

Snow White

We love this tulle skirt that resembles Snow White's classic dress colors! Pair it with a blue denim ruffle sleeve blouse for a modern and chic look. We decided to choose this beautiful shiny butterfly flats to match up with Snow White's personality and abilities to communicate with all the fury animals and creatures.

Top: Denim Sweet Baby Doll Blouse Top
Magical Princess Ombre Bow Tulle Skirt
La La Butterfly Strap On Shoes


This layered and ruffle purple dress is perfect for the modern day Rapunzel! Pair it with a pink bow slip on flats for a little contrast and your baby girl is good to go! 

Dress: Sequin Collar Ruffle Layered Dress
Ballerina Bow Slip On Shoes


This pink and white dress is as sweet and delicate as Aurora! We love the little dainty white stripes and how easy breezy it is. Pair it with a white slip on flats and it is the perfect modern day Aurora inspired clothing.

Dress: Sweet Ruffle Neck Line Pink Striped Dress
Fluttering Hearts Cutout Strap On Shoes


Don't you just love it when a girl goes to war and brings back honor to her family? Just kidding. Nevertheless we can't help to admire Mulan for her courageous and humble personality. This minimalist and plain skater dress is perfect for the modern day Mulan. Pair it with a black sequin flats and your little Mulan is good to go.

Dress: Candy Color Summer Dress
Little Black Ribbon Sequin Strap On Shoes


Last but not least, how could we forget Pocahontas. We love the earthy tone because it is super in trend at the moment. This mustard color and lace tube top is perfect paired with a beige button mini skirt. Pair with a khaki color gladiator sandals which is perfect for any occasion. 

Top: Lacey Summer Floral Tube Top
Button Up A-Line Solid Mini Skirt
The Summer Greek Breathable Leather Sandals

So get started and dress your baby girl to a modern day princess with this versatile and trendy clothing. Get inspired and shop for more inspirations at Kids Petite today!