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Classic Statement T-Shirts That Never Goes Out Of Style

Posted on by Emily Yeoh

We all love a good old classic t-shirt that is both comfortable and stylish at the same time. As a matter of fact, t-shirts has come a long way and most of them can be worn for all kinds of occasion. But the ones that definitely caught our attention are the witty statement t-shirts!

Can you imagine your baby wearing them? We certainly do!

Mama's Boy Casual Cotton T-Shirt

Now we all know every baby boy's first love is their good ol' mama. To every proud mothers out there, this is one statement t-shirt you don't wanna miss out for your little golden boy.

Mr Steal Your Girl Casual Cotton T-Shirt

Watch out! Mr Steal Your Girl is here! Hide your girlfriends, hide your wives! Just kidding, but really though we're pretty sure those heavy cheeks will steal your girl.

Daddy's Little Sidekick Casual Cotton T-Shirt

Every father will be proud of their little boy or girl when they put on this t-shirt. Daddy's turn to take care of the kids? You bet this will be his first choice of outfit for the kids.

Mama's Bestie Statement Print T-Shirt

This cute mama's bestie statement t-shirt is everything we need and more! It's simple and straight-forward which is perfect because you are indeed your little one's bestie momma! 

Little Miss Sassy Casual T-Shirt

We all need a little sass in life to get us by. But your little missy there? Yup she's sassy alright with this t-shirt on and she gets away with it because of those shiny eyes! 

Mom's Excuse For Being Late Long Sleeve T-Shirt

Okay, we understand, we won't ask all the mother's out there anymore why you're late. We promise.

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