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How To Stop A Crying Baby

Posted on by Kids Petite

A crying baby is a way of communicating to you that they need your attention and care. For the first few months, you may find it extremely stressful to cope with your crying baby. But it is normal to go through this and remember you’re not alone.

It is important to understand why your baby is crying at the first place. There are few common reasons such as:

  1. Hunger 
  2. Dirty diaper (time to change my diaper mommy!)
  3. Fatigue
  4. Colic
  5. Pain or illness (fever, cold)
  6. Anxiety or stress

Whenever it gets too much, it is always recommended to visit the doctor and let them have a look at your baby. However, it is very likely that your baby is just going through their crying phase. Times like this we urge every parent to stay strong and that this will pass. 

In the meantime, here are a few ways to help you soothe your crying baby.

  1. Swaddle and blankets
    Wrap your little bub in a blanket and swaddle them to feel secure. The blanket is a sign of security for your baby so make sure you pick out a really comfortable and warm blanket.

  2. Rock and sway
    This is an old famous trick that always works like a charm for most babies. Try rocking and swaying your baby gently in your arms or in a baby swing.

  3. Hush, hush
    While rocking your baby, you can add a shushing sound to create a white noise and let that distract your baby from other noises.

  4. A little tummy rub
    Rub your baby’s tummy with unscented massage oil that is specially made for babies. This will help with any indigestion or upset tummy that your baby may be going through.

  5. Grab a pacifier
    Let your baby suck on a pacifier. If you suspect your baby is hungry as well, you can breastfeed her too.

  6. Let someone else take over
    A baby can sense a stressful feeling or atmosphere. If you are too tired and stressed out and find most ways aren’t working it is simply because you just need a break. Pass them on to someone else to take over and get some rest. After all, looking after yourself is equally as important.

It is important to always stay positive when dealing with a crying baby. Most mothers may find it stressful and starts blaming themselves for the reason of their crying baby. Understand that it is nobody’s fault and that it is normal for babies to cry for the first two months. Stay strong mommy as this is just a phase!