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Newborn Baby Clothing Essentials

Posted on by Kids Petite

It is always an exciting moment for future parents who are expecting. Getting ready before the big pop can be nerve-wracking and overwhelming for most first time parents especially with all these thoughts lingering around their heads;

“Is cotton or wool a better fabric for babies?”

“How many rompers do I really need?”

“Will my baby be able to fit into this?”

“Have I fed the dog?”

But it doesn’t always have to be that way. We have prepared a list of newborn baby clothing essentials that would certainly be helpful for new parents that are expecting.

The Summer Minimal Cotton Romper

Rompers are the must have clothing essential for every newborn babies. When in doubt, always opt for the cotton romper because it is lightweight and breathable.

Jamie Button Up Cotton Romper

We can't help but to include a button up romper because we understand how some parents may find it difficult to put a romper on their little bub. Fret not, button up romper are great for convenience and it is definitely less time consuming.

Soft Sleeping Bunny Long Sleeve Pajamas

Choosing a pajamas for newborns can be quite challenging. Newborn babies spent most of the time sleeping and it is important to pick something that is light, soft, tight and comfortable. Recommended fabric material are definitely cotton, wool and button up would be great as babies tend to toss and turn during their sleep.

Bunny Buddy Warm Winter Sweater

We all love a sweater weather! It is important to keep your babies warm and cozy hence a good sweater is definitely needed. 

The Pastel Polka Elastic Leggings

Leggings are great for babies because it wraps nicely and comfortably around their little legs. It is best to avoid baggy bottoms for newborns as loose clothes tend to be more dangerous. 

Beary Polka Soft Sole Slip On Shoes

Last but not least, how could we not include little shoes for those little feet? Soft sole cotton shoes that usually more comfortable and flexible are highly recommended to protect those little toes. Always remember to purchase a size bigger as babies outgrow their shoes very quickly.

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Happy shopping soon-to-be parents! We are with you all the way.