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Top 10 Baby Outfits For The Gram’

Posted on by Kids Petite

Social media has certainly played a big role in our daily lives. We rely on them to keep in touch with our friends and family from afar by updating them with our daily thoughts and showing off our photography skills.
What better way to keep your loved ones updated but also getting those likes coming? Dressing up your little baby!

We all love an adorable baby outfit of the day photo especially when they’re all dressed up and camera ready! We have collected a selection of baby outfit ideas for your Instagram aesthetic and for the grandparent’s daily dose of happiness.

1. Daddy's Little Gamer White Romper

What a perfect romper for the daddy gamer's aesthetic! 

2. The Safari Tiger Hooded Romper Costume

Animal prints are currently on trend right now. With a little creativity and imagination, this gem will get the likes coming! 

3. Vest & Plaid Bow Tie Gentlemen Romper

We all love a little dapper boy. Suit your little boy up with this gentlemen romper and you'll get all the other moms aww-ing. 

4. Hawaiian Vibe Button Up Casual Shirt

Calling all hipsters and surfer parents - you won't wanna miss this one out.

5. Backless Halter Neck Roses Are Red Party Dress

Backless lady in red, this masterpiece will make every jaw drop and likes popping like daisies! 

6. Summer With Pineapple Lace Bell Sleeve Dress

Put on this must-have print dress on your baby girl, throw a pool party with pineapple slushies by the side, it is the perfect outfit of the day.

7. Monday Blue Denim Jacket

For a chilly day, this denim jacket would be perfect to throw over your bub and still remain stylish!

8. Fuzzy Warm Pastel Bunny Ear Hooded Jacket

Admit it, we love those bunny ear hooded! 

9. Classic Red Denim Button Down Jacket 

This is another gem that we can't help but to feature! Back to the classic bold red, this jacket is a definite show stopper! 

10. I'm The Boss Hooded Ear Romper

Another witty statement that will surely leave an impression and those thumbs up!

You’ll be surprised at how easy it is to style them. Have a few ootd ready in mind for the baby gram already? Shop now at and get stylin’!